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At the same time integral to making a room look good and seemingly impossible to clean, carpets in Oakland run the gamut from shiny and beautiful to downright ugly. At American Oak Hardwood Floors LLC, we love all types of carpets and enjoy working with our local customers to transform their interior spaces with new carpets or refreshing older ones.

While American Oak Hardwood Floors LLC deals primarily with new carpet sales and installations, we're also happy to provide a wide range of supplementary services as well. In addition to standard repairs and stain guard application, we also perform deep cleans that help to eradicate tough-to-remove stains and odors from pets or other sources.

Because carpets and flooring are literally our business, we've made it a point to be THE carpet specialist in Oakland. When you're looking to upgrade your flooring to a high quality carpet, a friendly American Oak Hardwood Floors LLC representative will help you select the right materials, cuts, and patterns to perfectly fit your space.

Step up to the next level of carpet services in Oakland by giving American Oak Hardwood Floors LLC a call at 201-651-9494.

For Floors That Truly Shine, Call 201-651-9494To Speak To A Local Expert.

Located in Oakland and serving the surrounding area, American Oak Hardwood Floors LLC is proud to be your contractor of choice for all flooring projects.


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